Personal Update | Preschool...

Scrolling through facebook this morning had me in a big puddle of emotions.. don't get me wrong, I LOVE seeing all the "first day back to school" pictures!  But this year it is happening at this house.  And quite frankly, I am not ready.

This summer has been amazing.  Full of growth and setbacks and learning.. Most recently Liam was accepted into a specialized school where he will receive one on one attention and more, intensive speech therapy each day!  YAY!  But.. they only had a spot for Liam, Nicholas has been placed on their wait list for the time being.  This has been one of the hardest and gut wrenching decisions we have had to make so far, being parents of twins.  Separation.  At this age!?  I have found strength in prayer, that this is the best thing for Liam and they will both be totally fine.. but I can't help but cry every time I think about it.

If you didn't read my first blog about Liam.. he suffers from a motor planning disorder.  He understands everything that goes on around him, and he knows what he WANTS to say, but he is unable to form the words to correctly express himself.  He has been working SO hard and we are seeing gains each day.  In the last few weeks we have even had some 3 words sentences!!  It makes us all jump up and down with joy!  Even Nicholas and Jacob understand Liam's difficulties, since they too spend so much time doing speech exercises with Liam and his Speech Therapist.  I know it is becoming increasingly more frustrating for Liam, watching Jacob's language totally explode and listening to his baby brother say all those words he wishes he could say.  It will happen.. but not without some serious grit and determination.

I think what I am most emotional about is my fear.  Not fear that Liam will never talk, I know he will overcome this.  I am mostly afraid of the other children.  That they won't understand him.  That they will think he is weird and leave him out when they are playing.  Or laugh at him because he is different.  Sooo I am asking you all that are reading this.. Please, when your kids get home today from their first day of school, talk to them.  Talk to them about kids with disabilities, or delays, or kids that may come from less money, or kids that are quiet and don't fit in.. talk to them about acceptance.  Talk to them about empathy.  Sharing.  Tolerance.  Being kind, even when it is easier to go with the crowd.  And if you would like to say a little prayer for my Liam.. they are always welcome<3

This was a recent trip to the beach as we try and soak up every last moment of this glorious summer..