Matthew + Cassidy

Goodness.  This wedding was a DREAM.  I had Matt and Cassidy scheduled for an August 2017 wedding date.. But, a couple months ago Cassidy called me one night at proclaimed she had a wild idea!  Anyone that knows me, knows how much I LOVE wild ideas.. the next day she emailed me my flight confirmation.  Eloping!!  There is something truly romantic about a small group of friends and family coming together for a quiet and secret wedding.  We were all soggy eyes for days.. filled with love and excitement!  I couldn't be any more honored to have been chosen for this adventure and capturing a piece of Matt and Cassidy's love story!  Please enjoy a small snippet of their unforgettable day. <3

Venue - Brides Brothers Home, Ojai California 

Photographer - Kelly Carey

Food - Jim & Rob's Fresh Grill

Cake - Jasmine Wallet

Florals - Digs Floral and Botanic Designs