George + Cindy <3

Next week my parents will be celebrating their 40 wedding anniversary!!  Since September my twins have been attending preschool on the base in Brunswick and every M/W/F as I bring them to school, I find myself thinking about my parents and all they have accomplished.  High school sweethearts.  Married at 19!?  My dad served for the Navy for 10 years and my mom went with him on all of the adventures.. They were based in Brunswick when I was born.  They raised my brother in I on 'Brunswick Ave' in Fort Fairfield.  They owned a business together.  Survived my teenage years?!.. and as fate would have it they are back in the town of Brunswick surrounded by 5 adoring grandchildren and a couple of grand-pups.  They are quite an inspiration and have always been a true role model for love, marriage and parenting.  It only seemed logical to take them to the Navy base and snap a few photos of them.. I think they are truly the sweetest and cutest.  Love you Momma and Dad!  Congratulations on FORTY years.. Looking forward to that 50th photo shoot already!